I was born in Dayton, Ohio, November 2. I always had a keen since of life, felt there was more to everything than appeared, and became interested in the mysterious and unknown at a very early age.

My first love was the library. I loved books and reading, for books took me away from an otherwise dreary existence and trouble-filled life. Every opportunity I could seize, I went to the public library of the small town I lived in and spent hours reading books on Renaissance England, ghost stories, supernatural subjects, aliens, the gods of Egypt, and life in India. My favorite author when I was a teenager was Brad Steiger. I loved his books on the paranormal. I still do!

My first experience with seeing the future came from a book in my grandmother’s attic—I found a musky, yellowed hard-back on developing psychic skills. It had several topics, but my favorite was learning to read the future with playing cards. I believed in it so much I was terrified half the time to even attempt to read my future! And then came the cousins with the Oujia-board, and other things that went bump in the night.

When I was fifteen I began to learn spells and how to use the psalms in the bible to pray for things, and obtain them. The one prayer I had, the only one I really wanted to have answered, was to move away from the town I lived in. Far away—to some place fun and exotic place.  My prayers,were granted: The family moved to Brownsville, Texas. I was 17 then. I’ll never forget how thrilled I was to go to a place where the beach was near and a foreign country was only moments away.

My life in Brownsville was far from easy, but never dull or mundane. Colorful characters populated my world--some of them good, some of them...very evil, indeed. But none of them were ordinary.

After six years of living in Brownville, we returned to Ohio for three years, then back to the border, Laredo, Texas. Laredo holds some of the happiest memories of my life. Sometimes I wish that time could have lasted forever. The river of life and time comes through and washes over a person, though, and that river swept me away to New York City, where I spent ten years.

Five years spent in New York were dedicated to my writing. I spent this time writing The Blue House, which I published, The Man In The Frockcoat, The Necromancer and The Book of Gothic Poetry, all not released yet. While I was there, I lived a very poor existence—I rarely had any money for extra things, and my health was bad. The years I struggled to write these books were worth it, though. As I worked on The Blue House, I conjured the horrifying memories of experiences I had had, as well as invented some more pleasant memories just to give myself something to cling to. It was the most difficult of all my writings, because I had to pour my soul into it—had to. I was not only writing for myself, but for the souls of those characters I had once...and still do, know.

Too impatient to wait for traditional publishing, (and fearing for my life as well due to various circumstances) I opted for print-on-demand. There were a lot of mistakes in the novel, but I was still happy to get it out back then (2002). I look forward to a new edition of the book in the future.

I have this to say: If you have a dream, follow it. You’ll never be sorry. But if don’t at least try, you will forever be sorry.

I continue to write today as well as engaging in my profession as a broker. I am looking forward to bringing to the public works such as The Man in the Frockcoat, The Book of Gothic Poetry and other non-fiction occult.

After ten years in New York City, I lived in Nashville, Tennessee for a few years while learning a new business. Tennessee was both beautiful and peaceful, but I closed the book on that adventure when I returned to Texas in 2006.  I have no plans at this time to ever leave again as I have taken up where I last left off in historical research of South Texas, among many other endeavors and discoveries.  

Peace and Love,