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February 20th, 2014 at 4:57 am

  The revealing insight has come upon me at last as to what the Garden of Eden genuinely spoke of in its message.  

  Once in my solitude and narrow cell, black and white at my feet and shining moon gracing my head, I didn't feel any pain.  Fossilized, hard and impenetrable, oblivious to 

the raging torrents and stormy sea on the horizon, all of the shadows cast at me were absorbed by the mirrors set up in my mind.

  The Garden of Eden was nothing more than a swath of land, a narrow cell where the pain was never felt, nor right and wrong defined.  This never implied that the pain 

and horrors, the dark side of life never existed; it was a mere illusion of bliss and pure innocence embedded in solitude and ecstasy. Magic is only an illusion which melts away when 

the truth is revealed.

  My feet are now set on the battle ground and I see the shadows I never could before, I feel the pain once more as my armor has been broken and my spirit bleeds into my throat

all of the elixirs of life, the unclean spirit snarls and awakens for the demon was never fully exorcised; it returns to seek revenge on those who have driven it from its homelands.  

  What was once black and white and provided for me a firm foundation has now become a marsh filled with the blood which were once my tears.  

  It is not a matter of whether or not knowledge, pain and darkness exist; it is a matter of being conscious that they are about us every moment.  How we perceive these images is what shapes 

them as unintelligible nonsense or terrifying enemies.  

  Ousted from my shelter of spiritual bliss and cast into the flames of war, I stand ready defend all that I hold dear.

  The mother attacked out of spite and evil to attempt to revenge her mother's karmic and rightful downfall, using the man with green eyes and black hair as her assailant, I will strike the

children if need be and burn the village where the witches dwell, driving them from the Garden along with serpents until peace reigns again.  My life has value as do the spirits of those 

who crossed to the next world and should not be summoned for black work.  For those who work iniquity, the short gratification they revel in one day will have a tragic outcome soon.  

  A bony man gives advice to cripple my feet, but knives cut the pain in half and I have heeled.  Slow and patient boiling of my skin is passed by for I hear them speak of each evil deed.

The spirits of the cemetery with the arch have all turned against them in disgust at their disgrace and drunkenness and take repose in God himself, where they wait in the Garden,

Untouched by the blackness, the sun setting on their souls and illuminating them like hot coals on their earthy horizons, standing together hand in hand, my hands embracing the ghostly specters as i reach

over the threshold. 

I have left the old master untouched, yet he launches mischief and I return it with the foul devils that pour from him; he yips as a dog and cries, "Witchcraft has been sent to me by the 

white lady!"  'Tis only my returning what was set out to harm me, and healing it with love and light, of which both burns his sickened mind and spirit.  

  Wars always end, and days of peace and tranquility return.  It is then I retreat to my Garden with those beloved, in a time of long ago.  Surrounded by white clouds and roses, we know the storms are present, we know the thorns are there, but in perfect love and delight these minor discomforts never trouble us.  

  Those who have fallen so far into the darkness are no longer redeemable; the old wizard plead for help and exorcism, to be delivered, but when his powers were stripped, he called them back in and is now

a lost cause for which case we bow our heads and turn away from him with no reprise.  Sleep, my son, my wicked step-child, sleep through the full moon tonight and the moons thereafter.  The ghost bride sings you to sleep from the Garden's walls which you may never enter, for you have eaten every apple the tree of knowledge had bore, and the pomegranates, too.  The serpent has wound himself around you and the bony man making you one tormented creature, forming yet another serpent which slides on its belly in the days ahead.