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March 24th, 2014 at 4:16 am

  I look back on the days of long ago, days which have passed sweet, sharp and stinging and lay each day aside like a fine cloth, comparing them to my own days of being ousted, betrayed, closed out of

circles; on the outside looking in.

  I was cast out by the very people of my skin for my way of thinking and unique disposition.  Relocated only to find myself in a wiry trap of darkness and betrayal as I fell into a river of the un-named and forgotten

souls screaming for redemption and prayers.  I was sent into a coma of a world between life and death which was a quiet, pleasant and far from the road to town.  When I awakened, it was at the sounds of weeping and I never knew it was my own until I found it a challenge to breath.  We were both born of the same river, touched by the same roadside which gave us life and took us away. Born in a stucco building 

by the road, taken away from the new house by the very same road, losing all that had been gained and acquired, trapped and blamed for abandonment, released and set free by a bride of lifetimes ago.

  I reviewed your life and seen how you were stripped of your dignity; chastened to the core by insults from the same kind of people who had stolen my composure.  Bullied by supreme people who thought they were much higher and worthier than us, we join hands in this matter of experience and wear a facade of arrogance, coarseness and defensiveness which betrays our own hearts and inner feelings as we take the harsh words which cut red river valleys of blood through our souls.  

 After emerging from the muddy earth we were washed and renewed by the rain.

  Eleven minutes after the eleventh hour of morning brought death; pain through my chest and every shred of dignity taken from me at that moment more so than any other moment of my existence.

  Eleven minutes after midnight I experienced no pain but only solitude as my heart stopped and I reached across the veil which separates the two worlds for your hands, spirit, for you had always been with me 

the moment I walked into your house; it was at that moment I regained all dignity, then lost it again as I was ripped back into the material present for a mission lying ahead for both of us.  

  It was at these moments we became dignified, for we were strengthened and immortalized, created to be revered by the creatures who defiled us long ago. The moment of eleven has become the 

hour of our immortal souls which are intertwined together in love and understanding.