On Writing


  Why I Write

  When I was about twelve years old, I began writing short stories about the farm I lived on.  When I was a teenager I wrote a science fiction story for one of my dear friends, Barbara.  By the time I was eighteen I completed a fantasy novella and had it copyrighted. 

  I had always loved poetry and I could dream up short poems in almost no time when I was in high school.  My second love was drawing and painting.  I never got to the level of perfection I would have liked to with my artworks, but nothing has stopped me from crafting a story. 

  I truly believe writing should be driven by intuition and emotion—the technicalities of it can always be refined later.  The best writing is when we our deeply communicating with ourselves, and when we genuinely have a message to convey.

  There are numerous works I have written over the years which in time, I will release or publish.

  During my time in Brownsville, Texas, I experienced some terrifying phenomenon that scarred my life for years to come.  I don’t think it will ever be completely clear as to exactly what I underwent and why, but I did learn a certain affirmative answer to the question: Does evil exist? Yes.  It certainly does.  There are such things as curses and maledictions and they can do great harm whether one believes in them, is aware of them, or not.  When a person is psychically sensitive or has any type of abilities such as this, it can be twice as bad and painful. 

  The Blue House is one of my dearest works which I started when I was nineteen.  I went through many drafts and finished a completed version of it in 1988.  I continued to develop this book as I came to have better understanding of some of the weird experiences I had had when I was living in the Rio Grande Valley during the 80’s.  Things became clearer to me as I grew older and gathered information. 

  Writing has allowed me to convey many of the experiences, or adventures I have had in my lifetime, and share messages on many levels.  The Blue House is not just a scary story, but a book about how innocence will see us through the darkness, how unlikely friendships form extraordinary bonds, and the errors people make in judging others by only looking at their skin, hair, social status and other prominent exteriors.  If only people could see one another from the inside out—what a different world we would have!

  By virtue that I have suffered and survived such traumatizing cognitive and paranormal events in my life, I feel it is my purpose to share what I have learned to help assist others who may have experienced such events. During the years I spent in New York City, I studied various cultures and spiritualism.  These years were some of the most trying of my life, but yet they were good years because I learned lots of interesting things.  If a person needs to fight a spiritual battle, New York has a fountain of resources and people to help get the war won!  In the end I have learned the one person you can count on and the one who will ultimately save you is the person you see in the mirror—yourself.  As we go through life, we all face the unknown road which yawns before us.  We all face some sort of tragedy and as we live on we kill the demons met along that road.  If we don’t, they will not hesitate to kill us. 

  I write because I have something to say—about a number of things.  I write because I can.  I write because I have such things inside of me I wish to share.  I write because I greatly enjoy sharing my thoughts, and with hope these thoughts may provoke others to contemplate more than just the ordinary world around us. 

  Here is a link to my Yahoo Contributor page!-- I am also known as Teresa Grubman on some works. http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/1542438/teresa_grubman.html