Psychic Protection

      Magick, Belief Systems and Psychic Protection

     I am a natural-born seer and have been aware of it I was ever since childhood.  Being able to sense things outside of what normally can be perceived keeps life very interesting at the very least!  One question often presented inexhaustibly is ‘does the ability come from within or without?’  Another question is ‘where do religious beliefs fit in?’


  Seeing, visions, and E.S.P. are so closely tied to with everything spiritual it’s sometimes difficult to define where one begins and the other ends.  I believe having an extra sense, dreams and visions, being able to feel spirits nearby, seeing auras, and other similar capabilities come from within us and are part of our make-up, just like a person may be able to draw or do math problems in their heads.  Religion shouldn’t play a part in this.  Churches and Western religion have blasted people with these abilities for years—not because they truly feel they are evil, but because they pose a threat to organized religion.  After all, who can tolerate people who might know what the guy sitting next to them is thinking, or who may be able to speak with spirits of the deceased and find out the neighbor committed murder?  Who needs religion if we know where our spirit is going when we die?

  True vision comes from within—this I am certain of.

  Then there is the natural tendency of seers to be drawn to alternative religions like Wicca, Santeria, Voodoo, or other earth religions.  In this, we re-visit the same question: Does the power come from within or without?

  When working rituals in, let’s say, Wicca, I believe most of this power come from without and is drawn in.  The earth religions are very raw, natural powers which can have some great but unexpected results when tapped.  Because people like to dabble here and there, when suddenly a spell or ritual brings a result they become terrified and run for their lives.  I once knew two women who were reading Tarot cards and seen where someone was going to die.  A friend of theirs committed suicide.  They burned the cards and said they were evil.  To me, that ranks right up there with taking your phone service out because phones are ‘evil’ when you get bad news on them.  In other words, don’t shoot the messenger.

  In ceremonial magick—a system of ritual—it is recommended to spend two years doing banishing rituals and building the temple, implements, and sewing attire before ever starting the actual evocation of angels or elemental forces.  This is a good practice because it can help discourage negative entities from entering your work.  Some ritualists don’t care for protection spells, either.  I feel protection is very important as is prayer.  One need not be religious to pray.  The psalms or any form or eastern or western prayers can be used as a form of communing with the divine spirit.  Meditation is a good practice to quiet the mind and receive messages.  Some areas of the world have many more evil entities and bad energies than others, so cleansing incenses, protection, and enveloping yourself in white protective light can decoy bad energies and scary experiences. 

  Santeria and Voodoo sound both mysterious and frightening.  These Afro-Caribbean religions can be very beautiful and healing when operated in a positive way.  Because these practices often use chicken sacrifice as a means of worship or used in cleansing the spirit, they have become feared.  However, I don’t see any people standing around their local butcher biting their nails in fear as poultry and hogs are inhumanely butchered for food.  In religious sacrifice, it is a great sin to allow an animal to suffer during a ritual; it is humanely killed, and the participants then eat the cooked meat which is considered a blessing. 

  My point is,  per taining to the mystique and mystery of alternative religion, seers and magick folk should not be scary at all when practicing appropriately and in goodness. 

  However, just like anything else, the human race is the root of its own evils. Powers, magick and religion of any kind may be misused to gain authority, invoke fear and intimidation, and hurt others—many times for no reason.  Give people a privilege, and unfortunately they often abuse it in ignorance. 

  I have lived in Texas three times, and all three times I have had the misfortune of malevolent people testing out their rituals on me.  The first time in Brownsville proved to be devastating for me.  I had a run in with a guy at college who decided it would be a fun pass time to try some black magick on me.  This event truly ruined a good portion of my life because I had no way of defending myself.  To add to the mix, not only did I have just one guy bothering me, but a host of people seemed to erupt out of nowhere to wreak havoc simply because they were malicious and I was such an easy target.  The second time I moved back, I fared a little better, but found I had to leave again to regroup.

  The third time around I was much better equipped to defend myself.  I ran into a woman the first day of my new job who decided she did not like my light skin and blonde hair.  She was constantly coming up and rubbing her hands on me, asking me where I bought my clothes, and then telling people I worked with that I ‘didn’t know what I was doing.’   I hated it.

 A few months later, a strange noise began in my bedroom.  There was a scratching in the walls which was unworldly and we experienced a strange presence in our apartment.  I performed a spiritual cleansing inside my home and called maintenance to find out what was making the noise.  Prior to this, my African friend had told me this woman had sent a bad spirit in the form of a bird into the eastern wall of the apartment.  He stated, ‘sometimes you hear it scratching, and sometimes not.’ There was no way he could have guessed any of this—he lives 2000 miles away. 

  The maintenance man came and removed the bird and sealed the hole.  Everything was quiet again and the whole atmosphere of the home changed.   The woman has been removed from my area and I am thankful not to be troubled by her any longer.  My wish is to live in peace and to be left alone.

  I have concluded there are many immoral and malicious people in Texas.  I feel that I keep coming here to grow spiritually and to help others with what I have learned so the defenseless can defend themselves.    

  My favorite spiritual practice is spiritualism.  I have a number of altars in my home with dedications to saints and one for the ancestors.  I set petitions each week for protection of the home and family.  The most important piece is the prayers that go with it.  Without the prayers the altars and candles are empty vessels.  Reiki has a pronounced place in my practice as well and I use this powerful energy to send goodness and healing into our surroundings and to those who are sick or need help.  I believe that by sending out something good, the universe has a way of bringing it back to you.  This can add to protection and help avoid negative people and patterns coming into your life.

  Alternative religions or the occult is not for everyone.  It takes a certain kind of person to take on this endeavor, just like anything else.  But in today’s society we more often than not find dabblers who can cause other people harm.  In running this site, I hope to give resources to those who have suffered or been at the mercy of negative forces or attacks.  Church doesn’t work for all people in these cases.  I went to every church in the town when this guy from Brownsville was terrorizing me and received no relief what so ever.  It was not until I went to the people of the Orisha that I was finally able to heal my life and properly protect myself.  It was ceremonial magick which lead me to the Africans in New York who were able to put an end to all of the nonsense which had been going on.  Thereafter I have been able to live a fairly good life met with success and happiness.  There is nothing worse than having something paranormal disrupting your life, and though most people don’t get such a disturbance, there are still some who do have to suffer this.  No one really understands how horrible it is unless they have experienced it.  God, the angels, saints and benefactor spirits will aid us in these times of need.  We just need to call upon them, or have someone call on them for us. 

  Being that I have one foot in the spirit world and being so in touch with it, when negative energies hit me they are extremely painful.  I understand and sympathize with anyone who has suffered or is being persecuted by such measures.  Over the years I’ve collected many resources and contacts to refer those who endure these disturbances to for help. 

  I do not abandon religion; if someone has a belief or community they draw comfort from, I encourage that to continue, or perhaps even to seek such fellowship.  I believe isolation and withdrawal from community in trying spiritual circumstances can make things even worse; it’s the divide and conquer concept of evil.  I, personally, don’t take much interest in organized religion. I prefer a quiet prayer at home. 

  It is all right to have more than one belief, in my opinion.  Alternative belief systems and ritual can add meaning and depth to our lives and can help distract and dissuade bad situations and people.

    Psychic Protection

  Psychic attack can be as horrible as someone beating you up.  The majority of people don’t understand the nature of this phenomenon, and when it happens, most think they are losing their minds.

  This type of attack can be generated by someone who merely has very bad intentions towards you as well as someone who is proficient in the art of mentally projecting evil.  In either case, there are several ways this can be dealt with, but here is one of my best methods….

  When someone has it in for you, you may feel nervous, exhausted, and not be able to sleep at night.  The first signs of psychic attack is waking up at different hours of the night in a panic, and not being able to rest.  Nightmares which include shocking scenes such as murder or cemeteries may occur as well.   To seal off this person from hurting you, if you know who it is, write their name on a piece of brown paper and place in a jar of ammonia and water, and bury it in the yard where you will walk over it every day.  Next, seal off your sleeping quarters  buy repeating The Lord’s Prayer in each direction, East, North, West, South, and burn an incense on charcoal made of dragon’s blood resin and camphor.  It is best, also, to wash down the walls and window frames with a solution of Mate tea or a tea made from a plant called Espanta Muerte—for those who don’t know Spanish, this means: Chase away evil.  Espanta Muerte may be purchased at any botanica that carries Santeria/Voodoo supplies or from Mexican yerberias.  It may also be boiled with garlic and bathed in to get rid of people who are causing you problems of any kind. 


     Linden tea is good to calm the nerves as well as orange leaves and flowers.  A tea made of hyssop is an excellent internal cleansing as well.

     You may place one moth ball in each corner of the room to keep out negative energy, but most people can’t stand the smell.  Try mixing 1/4 teaspoon of sulfur with 1 tablespoon of water and placing it in a small bottle.  Make one for each corner of the room. 

    Some psychic attack problems are mentally devastating and require the help of a spiritual professional.  Be choosy, and remember once you receive help you can get stronger and begin to help yourself.  Once someone touches your spirit with witchcraft you should always remember to keep yourself in good prayer and continue protection methods. 


***Disclosure***I am not a licensed psychologist, physician or herbalist.  These statements are my own opinion and not meant to treat, cure or diagnose an illness of any kind.